Services and Pricing Guide

Services Descriptions

Copy Editing
An editor will go through your manuscript and find all the grammatical errors and correct them, from typos to improperly placed commas. There are two ways you can receive the manuscript back. Either you can get a marked-up word document with all changes noted, or you can get a word document with the changes unnoted and simply done already for you. If there is something that relies on your choice as the writer, the editor will put a Comment in for you and will mention it in the reader.

Content Review
An editor will read through the manuscript, checking to make sure that it is logical, conveys your point clearly, and in the case of story manuscripts, that your plot, characters, and setting make sense and are conveyed well to the reader. An editor can be directed to read for something specific such as checking to make sure characters aren’t flat or the ending makes sense, but unless told otherwise, will assume they are reading for everything else too with just particular focus. Please mention if you don’t want it read for some element in your job proposal.

Manuscript Formatting (Basic)
An editor will go through your document and edit it to the specifications needed, such as for electronic publication on Kindle or similar websites, sending to a publisher or agent, or whatever specifications you have that need fulfilled. For novels written without chapter breaks as part of the writer’s style, the editor can even break it up into the most logical chapter places for you.

Manuscript Formatting (In-Depth)
An editor will go through and fix small detail sort of formatting errors that can (and have) happen(ed). Examples include: removing hard enters at the end of each line to create false double spacing, removing hard tabs and setting the auto indent if needed, removing double spaces at the end of periods. It can also include transcribing a document completely from scratch.



Copy Editing: $10 per every 1000 words
Content Review: $20 per 1000 words
Special: Copy Editing and Content Review together–$15 per 1000 words
Manuscript Formatting (Basic): $30 per hour taken to do the formatting
Manuscript Formatting (In-Depth): $3 per page*

Notice: This option prices by the finished page, not the source material given. If ordered alongside Manuscript Formatting (Basic), you will be charged for the finished products page count, even if that is higher due to a change in fonts/margins/what-have-you in order to fit with the style of formatting you selected/provided.

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